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  1. N. N. Nepeyvoda, Logics and programming's styles (Russian, PDF).
    Original paper (Russian, Doc)
    Abstract. Programming style is a notion corresponding to scientific paradigm. It is often logical in essence because programming is activity which is nearest to God's (or Demiurg) creation. In book [1] programming is analysed practically but from the point of view of advanced logic and analytical philosophy. Some relations between logic and programming styles are summarized here. Furthermore there are some methodological principles which can be substantiated analyzing so complex and often obviously erroneous activity. Some of them are summarized here. We can stress e.g. that 'positive thinking' is the least in creativity. Thus Russian 'negative' mentality is in essence more progressive than Western one.
  2. D. Levshin Semantic Web and PostgreSQL Integration Algorithms (Russian, PDF).
    Abstract. We consider Semantic Web and PostrgreSQL DBMS integration. Analysis of known systems for using databases with Semantic Web is performed, PostgreSQL features that can be useful for integration implementation are emphasized, integration methods and algorithms are proposed, and one of these algorithms is implemented.

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