Lib-DVM library
Detailed design
* February 2001 *

DVM-system (English)
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1 Functions and macros of general purpose

1.1 Macrodefinitions to execute some mathematical operations
1.2 Copping arrays
1.3 High level output with processor number prefix

2 Functions and macrodefinitions of dynamic allocation of the memory
3 Requesting program execution time in the form, independent from hardware and software environment
4 Requesting internal numbers of functionally provided processors
5 Message passing tools, independent from base system of message passing

5.1 Synchronous message exchange

5.1.1 Synchronous sending
5.1.2 Synchronous receiving

5.2 Asynchronous message exchange

5.2.1 Asynchronous sending
5.2.2 Asynchronous receiving

5.3 Message exchange in "NO-WAIT" mode

5.3.1 Sending in "NO-WAIT" mode
5.3.2 Receiving in "NO-WAIT" mode
5.3.3 Waiting for sending or receiving completion
5.3.4 Requesting sending or receiving completion

5.4 Passing message from specified processor to all other processors (broadcast passing)
5.5 Message exchange between adjacent processors

6 Synchronization of the programs, executed at different processors
7 Tracing user program and Run-Time System

7.1 General information about trace accumulation
7.2 Controlling trace accumulation by parameter files

7.2.1 Trace enabling and disabling
7.2.2 Specifying opened (enabled) trace streams
7.2.3 Trace mode specifying
7.2.4 Controlling form of accumulated information
7.2.5 Controlling internal self-checking Run-Time System mechanisms, functioning during trace accumulation
7.2.6 Controlling output of additional information when tracing some Run-Time System functions in extended mode

7.3 Information output functions to trace streams

8 Output of informational messages of Run-Time System and error messages

8.1 Functions of informational and error messages output
8.2 Controlling standard output streams and streams of informational and error message output
8.3 Classes of informational messages and their output controlling

9 Measuring time of user program interval execution
10 Requesting global and local sizes of specified dimension of specified object
11 Tools to support Run-Time System built-in program of statistic information accumulation

11.1 Matrix of execution characteristics of the user program current interval

11.1.1 Primary execution characteristics of user program current interval
11.1.2 About characteristics of passing message function group
11.1.3 Calculation of summary characteristics of program execution using interval matrix of characteristics
11.1.4 Auxiliary matrix of user program characteristics
11.1.5 Supporting characteristic accumulation of input/output DVM-operations implemented in Fortran

11.2 Tools of external controlling statistics accumulation program
11.3 Initializing statistics accumulation program
11.4 Processing calls of Run-Time System functions by statistics accumulation program
11.5 Terminating statistics accumulation program
11.6 Access to some system information

12 Run-Time System error messages

12.1 Run-Time System initialization and termination

12.1.1 MPI library initialization
12.1.2 PVM library initialization
12.1.3 GNS and ROUTER libraries initialization
12.1.4 Input of system parameters Parameter descriptions by macrodefinitions, preceding to parameters input from the file Parameter input from file

12.1.5 Checking input parameters and Run-Time System tuning according to the parameters
12.1.6 Run-Time System termination

12.2 Creating abstract machine representations
12.3 Processor systems
12.4 Mapping abstract machine representation
12.5 Creating and deleting distributed array
12.6 Mapping distributed array
12.7 Defining program block
12.8 Parallel loop description
12.9 Representation of the program as a set of subtasks executed in parallel
12.10 Reduction
12.11 Exchange of shadow edges of distributed arrays
12.12 Access to distributed array elements
12.13 Input/Output
12.14 Subsidiary functions
12.15 Access to remote data
12.16 Allocating and freeing memory
12.17 Message passing
12.18 Tools of internal self-checking

Lib-DVM - detailed design (contents) Part 1(1-7) Part 2 (8-11) Part 3 (12) (Error messages)