DVM-system. Version history

First version of DVM-system appeared in October 1998. It contained the following components:

Fortran-DVM and C-DVM languages supported data distribution by equal blocks and corresponding distribution of parallel loop iterations (data parallelism).

Second version of DVM-system appeared in April 1999. A new toolkit - DVM-program performance analyzer was included in the version.

Third version of DVM-system appeared in November 1999. Another toolkit - DVM-program performance predictor was included in the version.

Fortran-DVM and C-DVM languages support now data distribution by non-equal blocks and parallel executed program section specification (task parallelism).

The version 3.15 (11.07.2000) was first version of DVM-system in source files and with complete set of documentation in Russian and English accessible via INTERNET.

The version 3.30 (27.12.2000) is differ from version 3.15 in the following:

  1. Performance of many DVM-programs is increased essentially.
  2. DVM-system installation and functioning is support on different hardware platforms (workstations: SGI, SUN, HP, IBM; parallel computers MBC-1000, MBC-1000M, Computing cluster of SRCC of MSU, Parsytec CC, Convex SPP1600).
  3. Predictor of performance is advanced considerably.

The version 3.60 (9.07.2001) is differ from version 3.30 in the following:

  1. F-DVM and C-DVM languages are extended by the facilities, allowing more efficient renewing of shadow edges.
  2. New king of block distribution is introduced - distribution by weight blocks. It is more flexible and convenient for processor loading balancing than distribution by GEN_BLOCK format.
  3. In Fortran-DVM ALLOCATE function interface is changed: one more obligatory argument of the function is added (reference to HEAP-array).
  4. DVM-programs became more efficient.

The version 3.82 (13.02.2002) is differ from the version 3.60 in the following:

  1. In C-DVM and Fortran-DVM languages the concept of reduction variable is extended. Multi-dimensional array and distributed array are allowed to use as reduction variable.
  2. In C-DVM and Fortran-DVM languages REDUCTION specification for TASK_REGION directive is implemented.
  3. In DVM-debugger the facilities to control trace size are extended essentially.
  4. Performance of DVM-programs is increased.

 The version 3.93 (30.09.2003) is differ from the version 3.82 in the following:

  1.  The exchange by packed messages is implemented.

  2.  To increase efficiency of cash-memory usage the tools of automatic correction to allocate in memory the multi-dimensional array elements has been  provided.

  3.  Performance of DVM-programs has been increased on Alpha 21264, Intel Itanium 2 and IBM POWER4 processors.

The version 3.95 (14.09.2004) is differ from the version 3.93 in the following:

  1.  Fortran-DVM is extended by some facilities of Fortran 90 (dynamic arrays, array operations, derivative types, modules and ets.).

  2.  Fortran-DVM and C-DVM languages supports new type of data distribution - distribution by blocks which size is multiple to specified integer.

  3. The number of inaccuracies complicating the system implementation on Linux-clusters, is eliminated.